Who we are                                         

We are a music label from Romania, established in 2014 that promotes mostly

Electronic Dance Music,Trance and Fitness music for dance classes and events.


"The official OneFitMusic Logo represents An emblematic official marketing image of OneFitMusic Music Label"



Pink colour - feminity and emotion,

 black outline. a strong determination.

the star shows inner motivation to the

fine red outline of the star, raised blood flow. .


Of course, our name OneFitMusic is in the center of it all.


Owner and Musician:

The owner of OneFitMusic is an artist most cummonly known as "Freackxy", or DjFreackxy, Dj_Freackxy_BB, (sometimes just BB by friends)....

She has collaborated with international dancers and fitness instructors, music labels and Djs.

Freackxy (Dima Paula Alina) was born on February 28, 1991.

"The name is cute and funny. its supposed to make people understand that it's ok to be yourself, no matter how weird that might seem".



Though we are  established in Romania, Ploiesti and Bucharest we have global  popularity, such as in Europe, Australia and mostly U.S.A.



Along with dancing classes, nutrition advice and healthy choices, its purpose is to promote valuable music at a price fit for consumers.



Publications on SoundCloud

Touch, (Le Young, Remix); by Freackxy

Love's All we've got, (Freackxy ft. Krazo Williams;)

Fading Love (Acapella), by Freackxy

Rise (Freackxy ft. Kurt-Thee-Inducer)

Kinights in White Sattin (Remix by Kurt-Thee-Inducer)

Heaven's Rain, by Kurt-Thee-Inducer

and many more...

Publications on Mixcloud

Rainborain -01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06

Little Secret

Freackxy on More Bass Radio

Trance Visions

Electric Star

Ununpentium Sessions (by Eduardo Diamante, hosted with DJ Freackxy)

 Publications on(YouTube):


Hurts- Stay, Remix by Freackxy- LADY GAGA Dj Freackxy Remix For Aerobic (a remix for "Telephone" performed by Lady Gaga ft Beyoncee) - Meet me halfway remixed (a remix of The Black Eyed Peas, "Meet me Halfway") - Christina Aguilera Fighter 133 BPM Freackxy' S Mix (a remix of Christina Aguilera's "Fighter"). - dj freackxy Bob nothing on you for aerobic (a remix for B.O.B ft Bruna Mars "Nothing on you). - galvanize dj Freackxy 2013 remix for aerobic (a remix for the song "Galvenize", performed by "The Chemical Brothers). - Down For Whatever Freackxy S Party Mix ( a remix for "Down for whateever", performed by Kelly Rowland).




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